Pablo Cheyre Triat

Pablo Cheyre Triat


Before coming to Leeds to study the Childhood Studies MA in 2018, I completed the degree of Psychology in Chile. After I graduated, I worked as a school counsellor and young people’s therapist for six years, providing emotional support to students and generating emotional-social intervention programs with them, their families and the school community.

These experiences motivated me to study more in-depth the concept of well-being in Chile, the socioeconomic factors that affect it, and analyse the role that young people have in the creation of meaning towards their life experiences in the Chilean context.

Research interests

Through my professional experience, I have witnessed the barriers and differences in terms of opportunities of development that students face in the public and private sphere. I have also observed inconsistencies between students’ viewpoints regarding their well-being from the political discourses, where they feel excluded and powerless in the decision-making.

Consequently, my PhD aims to include young people’s perspectives in the theoretical conceptualisations of well-being in the Chilean context and discuss how current policies provide effectively to all young people the possibility to achieve the life they have reason to value by promoting the participant’s voices as the key input to construct policies.

My research interests include:

  • Young people’s subjective well-being
  • Poverty and socioeconomic inequality
  • Sociology of childhood
  • Children’s rights
  • Capabilities approach
  • Social Policy
  • Participatory research
  • Creative methods


  • MA in Childhood Studies at University of Leeds
  • BA in Psychology at Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD), Chile

Research groups and institutes

  • ICY: Inclusion, Childhood & Youth Research Centre
  • Centre for Research on Families, The Life Course and Generations