Ruaa Hariri

Ruaa Hariri


I see myself as a teacher, researcher, and lifelong learner. I had the experience of living and studying in the United States of America during my childhood, and then in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia throughout my adult life. Growing up as a native bilingual (Arabic/English) has allowed me to identify with language learners in many aspects, which later inspired me to pursue academic studies and a career in English language teaching. I earned an undergraduate degree in European Languages – English Literature, followed by an MA in English Linguistics from King Abdulaziz University (KAU). In 2008, I began teaching as an English language instructor at KAU within a foundation year programme through the English Language Institute. I also led projects that focused on developing a blended learning approach to language teaching and learning through the adoption of learner management systems. From there, I decided to pursue a doctoral degree in language education.

As a Postgraduate Researcher (PGR) at the University of Leeds, I had the opportunity to teach in the undergraduate modules, to publish in Hilary Place Papers, and contribute to the PGR community. Being the representative for PGRs in the School of Education (for two academic years) allowed me to collaborate with colleagues in the facilitation of a research-inspired environment for PGR engagement. I was also a member of the organizing team for the Research Students’ Education Conference, which became a successful online event in 2020.

Research interests

Due to the nature of my work as an English language instructor, my research interests have evolved. Thus, I developed an interest in second language teaching, learning, and assessment. My current research focuses on teachers’ assessment feedback practices on their learners’ English academic writing, within a high-stakes foundation year language programme, at a Saudi higher education context. In my research, I discuss the shared role of feedback provision, through exploring individual teacher’s beliefs, practices, and reflections. This study brings attention to the importance of supporting students’ self-regulatory assessment feedback skills to enhance their performance and lifelong learning capabilities. 

Conference Proceedings/Journal Publications:

Hariri, R. 2020. ‘Exploring sustainable assessment feedback in second language education: Insights from preparatory year teachers’. Student Sustainability Research Conference, University of Leeds. 26 February, 2020. Available online:

Hariri, R. 2019. Exploring EFL teachers’ beliefs and self-reported feedback provision on learners’ writing in an EAP context. Hilary Place Papers. (5), pp.31-45. Available online:

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Hariri, R. 2011. ‘Towards outcome based online learning: applications and standards’. The 9th Annual Learning & Technology Symposium: Learning by Design. Effat University, KSA. 15-16 December, 2011. Available online:

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  • MA European Languages - Linguistics
  • BA European Languages - Literature

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  • Centre for Language Education