Research Students' Education Conference

Postgraduate students chatting at Hillary Place

The Research Students' Education Conference (RSEC) is an important event in the School of Education calendar. It provides an opportunity for research students to organize an academic event, and to present their work before a critical yet supportive audience consisting of their peers and academic staff. Research students meet and talk about their research work, see how others present their work and learn from their experiences.

As a first-year research student, I was really excited about presenting at the conference. The feedback I received from the academic community and the audience contributed greatly in shaping my initial thoughts into my current research.

Rumana Hossain, Postgraduate Research Student, School of Education

RSEC 2018

This year's Research Students’ Education Conference 2018 (RSEC) was on the topic of Innovation. Postgraduate research students from across the WRDTP (the University of Sheffield, University of York and the University of Leeds, University of Bradford, Sheffield Hallam University, University of Hull, and Manchester Metropolitan University) participated.

For further information, download the RSEC 2018 booklet.