Liying Mi

Liying Mi


I graduated from Lanzhou Unversity in 2020 studying Sociology. Then I work for the procuratorate as a official secretary and assistant until I started my Master’s degree.

I did the Master’s Degree in MSc Sociology and Global Change in The University of Edinburgh during 2021-2022. During this time, keeping interests in Gender, Feminsim and Life Studies, I enrolled courses like Gender and Development, Gender, Politics and Representation, and Intimate Relationship. Therefore, my master’s dissertation is about how does work-family conflict affect Chinese young women in their life plans.

In October, 2022, I started the PhD study at University of Leeds with Dr Li Sun and Dr Kahryn Hughes. My research idea is also bassed on my master’s dissertation, focusing on the work-life issue of Chinese women.

Research interests

My research interests are mainly focused on:

  • The historical development of Feminism and Motherhood in Chinese
  • How do Chinese women (who were born after 1980) identity their roles and recognized their professional/family life
  • The factors (e.g., patriatchal norms, Confusion Culture, economic and social reform, development of higher education, child policy) which affect women’s work-family conflict and work-life balance in China


  • MSc Sociology and Global Change, The University of Edinburg, the United Kingdom
  • BA Sociology, Lanzhou University, China