Enze He


As a former journalist, storytelling was an important part of my job. In my job, I was influenced by the idea that a good journalist should also be a skilled storyteller. However, during my journalistic career, I started thinking about where the boundaries lie between fictional stories and news. I observed that some journalists could present facts in a certain way and mislead the audience. I began to worry about how ordinary people can access an objective media environment. With this concern in mind, I went back to university to further study the topic. During my master’s course, the topic of my dissertation was about misinformation. Dr Ipek Demir supervised my dissertation which explored the relationship between trust and information.

I started my PhD research in February 2022. My PhD will explore identity in Hong Kong.

Research interests

My PhD will explore:

1) what shapes Hong Kong people’s identity formation;

2) how these identities are sustained;

3) how boundary-making via China and Chineseness takes place in Hong Kong.


  • BA in Art of Broadcasting and Compering, Wuhan University, China
  • MA in Society, Media and Culture, University of Leeds, merit, the UK