Netflix's Sex Education Is A Win For Diversity – But When Will Diversity Include Disability?

Dr Julia Bahner has co-authored a blog about Netflix’s recent hit Sex Education.

The article argues that whilst the series has advanced discussions of sexuality relating to blackness, homosexuality, class relations and gender roles, it lacks any reference to disabled young people.

Dr Bahner and colleagues suggest that disabled young people’s sexual rights and needs are constantly neglected in sex education, sexual health policy, cultural depictions, and not least in the lack of accessibility in public places.

They highlight a lack of role models in media and culture as contributing to the inequalities in sex education, for both disabled and non-disabled youths and conclude:

“What’s most important for most youth is building confidence and learning about one’s body and what is enjoyable – just like Netflix’s Sex Education gives many examples of. We hope that future Netflix series will include a broader diversity with regards to body types and abilities, so that all youth are represented.”

Read the full article on the Huffington Post.