Launch of the ReOrient

ReOrient is new a new inter-disciplinary peer reviewed journal.

To mark the publication of its  first issue there a meeting was held in SOAS where academics, researchers and activists heard the journal’s founder and  editor S.Sayyid (Leeds) lead discussion with panel of international multi-disciplinary scholars: including Richard Bulliet (Columbia University), Ruth Mas (Berlin), Brian Klug (Oxford ), Samia Bano (SOAS), and Rob Gleave (Exeter).   

There was an agreement that there a pressing need for academics and intellectuals to re-consider that we were no longer operating under conditions of ‘normal science’ when it comes to the analysis of relations between the West and non-West in particular, understanding and explaining matters to do with Muslims and Islam, necessitated a need to beyond the critique of Eurocentrism. 

ReOrient is a collective thought experiment that seeks to explore the consequences of producing knowledge that is no longer organized around fundamental distinctions between the West and the non-West. 

At the end of the meeting it was announced that will be a special issue of the journal looking at Alternatives to the War on Terror.  Keeping with journal inter-disciplinary nature the call for paper would welcome submissions from philosophers, historians, sociologists, political scientists as well as area specialists.

Access the journal here.