First Urban Impact Programme & Sociology in Action: Celebration Event

On 29th September the first Urban Impact Programme & Sociology in Action event took place in the city of Leeds in collaboration with Leeds City Council.

This was a celebration of the partnerships between the School of Sociology and Social Policy and several third sector organisations. These partnerships aim to build an active and mutually beneficial community of local organisations, students and academics who work together to encourage positive social change.

Through our unique ‘Beyond the University’ module, which launched in 2016, many second year students created working partnerships with, and undertook research for, local organisations to develop their research skills and increase their employability. Commenting on the module student Sarah Hack, who worked with charity Foundation said:

“The module helps you to come out of your comfort zone and do things that you once might have feared. It wasn’t about sitting in a classroom - you learn you have to develop your organisational skills. This module has been invaluable for my future as I now know I would really like to work in the third sector.”  

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A celebration of the partnerships between the School of Sociology and Social Policy and several third sector organisations.

During the last academic year, students teamed up with Leeds City Council, CATCH, Foundation, Leeds Jewish Welfare Board, Citizens Advice Leeds, Forum Central, West Yorkshire-Finding Independence, and many more. These partnerships allowed students and organisations alike to draw on their combined expertise, enthusiasm and knowledge, whilst our students got the chance to develop and deliver projects that make a positive contribution to all our lives.

Hosted by Leeds City Council and Sociology In Action, the ‘Urban Impact Programme & Sociology in Action: Celebration Event’ was an opportunity to showcases these projects and the associated research and findings whilst celebrating our partnership work. Amongst attendees were Councillor Blake the leader of Leeds City Council, the CEO Tom Riordan, the Lord Mayor Councillor Jane Dowson and the University's Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Student Education, Tom Ward. 

Discussing the event, student Sarah Edwards said, “I enjoyed the event very much as it showcased the hard work put in by students, and introduced me to other organisations I have not heard of before. Since completing the module I’ve secured a paid internship at my organisation too!”

To find out more about Sociology in Action and the Urban Impact Programme contact Suzanne Hallam.