Dr Roxana Barbulescu speaking at MiTSoPro

Dr Roxana Barbulescu will be speaking at the MiTSoPro Conference 2017 in Brussels next month. The topic of the event is 'What Future for Immigrant Social Protection in Europe?'

This one-day conference aims to examine the transformation of migratory flows within the EU since the beginning of the economic crisis. In addition, it will discuss the changing policies of sending and receiving Member States in reaction to these new flows. To do so, the researchers from the ERC-funded “Migration, Transnationalism and Social Protection” research project (MiTSoPro) and the authors of the new volume, ‘South North Migration of EU Citizens in Times of Crisis’ (Springer, 2017) will engage in a dialogue with high-level policy-makers on the future of freedom of movement within the EU.

Roxana will participate in a round table discussion with a particular focus on her 2017 publication, From International Migration to Freedom of Movement and Back? South-North vs East-West EU Mobility.

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