Emeritus Professor Colin Barnes quoted in 'Disability News Service' on his views about grassroots activism

Professor Barnes spoke at the online launch of a new book by leading disabled activist Ellen Clifford, with his comments featured in an article by 'Disability News Service'.

Professor Barnes, founder of both the Centre for Disability Studies at the University of Leeds and The Disability Press, stated that "grassroots activism is the only way to end oppression" and went on to suggest that “activism and involvement is the only way to combat issues”.

“The problems of disabled people have been compounded by the austerity process and now, particularly, with COVID-19 and the treatment of disabled and elderly people by this apology for a government” said Professor Barnes.

He added that “history can be changed through disabled people and their allies, and this is why ongoing activism is fundamental. Grassroots activism and involvement is the only way we will change this appalling situation”.

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