Why are people paying attention to basic income?

Paul Luke (PhD student, School of Sociology and Social Policy) presents ‘Why are people paying attention to Basic Income?’ as part of the SSP lunchtime seminar series.

Basic Income is an idea whose time has come” is a phrase uttered a number of times during 2016, amid increased attention to the idea – from think-tanks, from politicians, and from the national press – both domestically and internationally. Announcements about trials in Finland, the Netherlands and Canada, the Swiss referendum on a Basic Income citizens’ initiative, as well as endorsements from Silicon Valley CEOs drove much of this attention.

Paul Luke's work in progress is examining what underpins this phenomenon of increased attention to Basic Income, and the object of this presentation is to examine some of the ways in which the idea of “Basic Income” appears to be being mobilised instrumentally. I will focus on two examples: contestation over the direction of the Labour Party in the UK, and as (speculatively) as a basis for a Silicon Valley-centric attempt to disrupt the US political balance.

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