The Post-Colonial Bauman (1): Talk by Julian Go

The Bauman Institute hosts Professor Julian Go (University of Chicago) to deliver a talk, 'For a Postcolonial Bauman? (Mis)Conception and Critique'.

Professor Julian Go (University of Chicago)

Introduced by Prof. Adrian Favell (University of Leeds)

For a Postcolonial Bauman? (Mis)Conception and Critique

Any attempt to frame Bauman in relation to postcolonial social thought requires a deeper understanding of postcolonial thought itself. By way of introducing some of the themes of the lecture series on a “Postcolonial Bauman” this talk first maps the main contours of postcolonial thought. It addresses common misconceptions of postcolonial theory and highlights postcolonial theory’s roots in anticolonial thought, its implicit perspectival realism, and its critique of modernity that centers the persistent effects and legacies of empire. In this light, postcolonial theory can then be situated alongside Bauman’s critique of modernity while also illuminating the latter’s potential and possible limitations for meeting the postcolonial critique.

Julian Go is Professor of Sociology at the University of Chicago (US). His books include, among others, Postcolonial Thought and Social TheoryPostcolonial Sociologies: A Reader (ed.), Global Historical Sociology (co-ed. with G. Lawson), and Patterns of Empire: The British and American Empires, 1688 to the Present.


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This event is hosted by The Bauman Institute.