Dissertation prize winners write for Northern Notes blog

Two of this year’s undergraduate dissertation prize winners, Aleyna Prokudina and Molly Turrell have written a blog post for the Northern Notes blog.

The post goes into detail about the students’ research. Aleyna’s research is entitled ‘Unpacking the Black Box: Algorithmic regulation and the European management of borders and mobilities.’

Molly’s research is entitled ‘You’re shamed if you don’t sleep with anyone but you’re shamed if you sleep with too many, it’s like I can’t win!’ A critical investigation into how young women navigate their casual sexual experiences.’

In the blog piece both prize winners explain their research, how they conducted it and their main findings.

Molly saysThe main finding of this research is that, contrary to the claims of postfeminism, which suggest that sexual equality has now been achieved, a sexual double standard continues to exist in the way that young women experience casual sex.”

Read the full blog piece.