Aidan Foster-Carter comments on Xi Jinping’s visit to South Korea

Aidan Foster-Carter is quoted "'No previous Chinese leader has put South Korea before and above the North like this."

Aidan Foster-Carter is quoted in a Sky News article regarding Xi Jinping's recent visit to South Korea.

Entitled "China, S. Korea press North over nukes" the article addresses the recent call by China and South Korea for the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula at a summit in Seoul.

The Chinese and South Korean presidents "reaffirmed their 'firm opposition' to the development of nuclear weapons, but seemed divided on how to best persuade the North to give up its bombs."

China's president, Park Geun-hye stated that both leaders had agreed to use 'all means' possible to bring denuclearisation about. Whereas South Korea's president, Xi Jinping "stressed that 'dialogue and negotiation' were the best way forward."

The article continues on to highlight that North Korea's leader Kim Jong-Un is still waiting for an invitation to Beijing and that "Xi's decision to visit Seoul before Pyongyang was seen as a calculated rebuff that spoke to the strained relationship between Pyongyang and its historic and most important ally."