Bruce Davis discusses the Conservatives energy policies and onshore wind turbines

Bruce Davis, visiting research fellow at the Bauman Institute discusses the Conservative’s energy policies and the future of onshore wind turbines.

Published in The Independent, Davis’ article is entitled ‘Tory energy policy is designed for the few, not the many'.   

As the UK’s energy sector faces what Davis’ describes as ‘a mid-life crisis’ in light of our over reliance on unsustainable and expensive fossil fuels, Davis’ questions why two Tory ministers are ‘taking to the airwaves to talk about blocking or scrapping the very technology which will give our energy mix a much needed dietary tonic?’.    

He argues the case for onshore wind as an energy source for two reasons: it is ‘the most efficient and cost effective of the available and scaleable renewable technologies’ and, it has been deemed as the best way for challenger energy companies to compete with the so-called Big Six.

Energy Minister Michael Fallon has made it clear that ‘the Tories, if they win the next general election, will reduce subsidies to stop any new wind farms being built’- Davis’ questions whether this comment stems from their uncertainty over the popularity of wind turbines. This seems preserve considering that ‘the development of wind energy is favoured by a majority of the public’.

The full article is available to view online.