Aidan-Foster-Carter's article details South Koreas' business leaders and their illegal practices

Aidan Foster-Carter writes about South- Korean business leaders repeated abuse of the law.

Writing for the Asia Times, Aidan's article is entitled "Korea's jailed bosses keep power points". 

He makes reference to Forbes list of South Korea's 50 richest, stipulating the lack of focus on the perennial number one in favour of his nephew. The article depicts the heightened level of family rivalry- " 1993 amid ensuring family acrimony on February 6, the Supreme Court ruled against the ex-chairman Lee Maeng-hee, who had claimed his younger brother Kun-hee cheated him out of US$850 million legacy from their father..." 

Continuing on Aidan Foster-Carter changes focus to Maeng-hee's son and heir, Lee Jay-hyun, the "smiling poster boy for the global success of South Korean movies and music." It was later revealed that "Lee was uindicated for tax evasion, breech of fiduciary duty and embezzlement, and remanded in custody". 

The full article is available to view online.