PhD student in discussion of Dallas shootings and Black Lives Matter

Remi Joseph-Salisbury, a research student within the School, has been quoted in black newspaper The Voice, discussing the importance of the Black Lives Matter campaign since the Dallas shootings.

The article reports that some Black Lives Matter campaigners believe the Dallas shootings have made it harder for them to get their message across about police accountability in the shooting of unarmed black men and women. However, despite criticism from the media, activists promise to continue in their efforts to ensure discriminatory policing is not ignored.

Remi Joseph-Salisbury discusses the fact that the Black Lives Matter campaigners themselves have been blamed for the murder of the police officers, arguing that it is in fact the “deep-rooted anti-black racism that characterises US society” which should bear the blame, not the supporters of the movement.

Remi continues by highlighting the neccesity of the international movement in affirming the importance of black lives.

The full article can be read online at: ‘Black Lives Matter Vow to Keep on Campaigning’.