Researchers tackle world’s greatest challenges in new podcast series “How to Fix...”

Faculty of Social Science academics are amongst others who are addressing our huge global challenges in the “How to Fix…” podcast series.

The “How to Fix…” series brings together seven interdisciplinary panels of academics to discuss how their research could help to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems. These podcasts aim to make the University’s research and innovation accessible to as wide an audience as possible.

The series is presented by broadcaster and alum Rich Williams, who graduated from the University in 2004 with a degree in Political Studies.

Episode 4 ‘How do we make sure everyone has a warm home?’ centres on how we ensure we stay warm and what support can be provided for those who are struggling. Additionally, the panel tackles the question, can we combine our needs for heating with our aims to decarbonise?

Host Rich Williams is joined by University of Leeds academics Lucie Middlemiss, Professor of Environment and Society, Dan Edmiston, Associate Professor of Sociology and Social Policy, and Fleur Loveridge, Professor of Geo-Energy Engineering.

It was great to be able to discuss ideas about grand challenges with people across the university.

Dr Daniel Edmiston

Other topics covered by the podcasts are violence against women and girls – with Faculty of Social Science academics Anna Barker, Associate Professor in Criminal Justice and Criminology, and Sam Lewis, Associate Professor in Criminology and Criminal Justice, and Alison Lowe MBE, the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime in West Yorkshire – as well as pollution and cancer research.

In episode 6, Richard Beardsworth, Professor of International Politics and Head of School of Politics and International Studies, joins Rich Williams and Leeds academics Vera Trappman and Clare Richardson-Barlow to discuss “How do we build a carbon-free future?”

The “How to Fix…” series will be available to listen to on both Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Listen to “How to Fix…” episode 4 at Podmasters.