Success for Dr Rodanthi Tzanelli

Associate Professor of Cultural Sociology, Dr Rodanthi Tzanelli has been recognised by the Journal of Popular Culture.

Dr Rodanthi Tzanelli has been awarded the 2020 Russel B. Nye for the Outstanding Article by The Journal of Popular Culture, for her article “Unpopular Culture: Ecological Dissonance and Sustainable Futures in Media-Induced Tourism” (Special Issue edited by Lincoln Geraghty, Christine Lundberg and Vassilios Ziakas, vol. 52, #6).

Dr Tzanelli has also recently published a public sociology book entitled “Worldmakings: A Book of Blogs”. The title is the product of nine years of published blogposts on various recognised academic and social movement networks. The book is available from Amazon as an ebook and paperback.