Critical Race Theory Reading Group

The CRT Reading Group invites you to join the next meeting, which will discuss work by University of Leeds alumni researcher Remi Joseph-Salisbury.

CRT Reading Group

The Critical Race Theory Reading Group launched in February 2019, and is a joint collaboration between Leeds Beckett University and the University of Leeds. The group is chaired by Katucha Bento and Sharon Anyiam, two Black women dedicated to research and activism in Decoloniality, Gender and Queer Studies from the perspective of Critical Race Studies.

The Centre for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (Leeds Beckett University) and the Centre for Ethnicity and Racism Studies (University of Leeds) aim to use this reading group to foster a space where PhD students and academics can engage in dialogue about issues of intersectional racism in wider society. We acknowledge that this space is part of a historical construction of academics of colour who created the CRT Reading group, in 2006. The meetings were focused on discussing the work of CRT scholars in its intersections and interdisciplinarity. The category of readings will go beyond the academic formality, involving poetry, music, working papers and classic literature of CRT. 

Friday 14th June meeting

This meeting of the CRT reading group will discuss the awarded book Black Mixed-Race Men: Transatlanticity, Hybridity and 'Post-Racial' Resilience by Remi Joseph-Salisbury.

The discussion will focus in particular on Chapter 4, "Black Mixed-Race Men and PRR in the Face of Racial Microagressions", which is available to read online.


Please email Katucha Bento if you would like to attend.

A poster for the event, featuring all the information included in the text in this event listing. The poster has a cream background, red border, and features an illustrated graphic of a megaphone in a light bulb (brown and orange), above the words "CRT Reading Group" also illustrated in brown and orange.


Find Us

This meeting will be held at the University of Leeds in the School of Sociology and Social Policy, Room 10.09 (Level 10, the entrance level of the building). This is in the Social Sciences Building which is building 82 on the campus map. An Access Guide for the Social Sciences Building is available online. Visit our Find Us pages for details on how to get to the university campus.