SSP Seminar Series: Institutionalized racism and toxic relationships


Katucha Bento (University of Leeds)


This paper will present a discussion inspired on Critical Race Studies, Black Feminism and Decolonial Thought and Activism to unravel narratives of the "Angry Black Woman" in the private and public live, as a continuous tread weaving institutional racism in affective relationships and in the workplace. The angry Black woman, because of the over visibility of this stereotype, receives a treatment of silencing, invisibility, the constant whitewash of the importance of her opinion, voice, work and feelings.

I will present my HERSTORY to discuss the importance of open spaces to dismantle practices of racism in love stories and workplace stories, present in our everyday lives in which oppressions are naturalised instead of shared by women with similar experiences.

I suggest that open dialogues of abuse and racism in toxic relationships are part of the politics of caring suggested by Patricia Hill Collins, which can be a transformative and revolutionary way of resistance and change.

All welcome! There is no need to book.

Our seminar series runs weekly on Wednesday lunchtimes, from 12 noon until 1.30pm

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