A Japanese approach to the care for an ageing population

The Centre for International Research on Care, Equalities and Labour (CIRCLE) welcomes Dr Mayumi Hayashi from the Institute of Gerontology at King's College London.


This presentation will explore the demographic pressures which engendered policy responses by the Japanese government for the care and support for its ageing population which developed into a wider vision to create a ‘total’ care and support system in each community. Soon, this proposal had to acknowledge both economic constraints as well as an increasing dementia population – and so extended itself from the public system to broader, community-based initiatives. In considering the expanding role of the community, the presentation will explore some distinctive and innovative examples of dementia-friendly community initiatives within socio-cultural contexts.


Dr Mayumi Hayashi is a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow in the Institute of Gerontology at King’s College London. Her research interests include the policy and practices of the social care for older people in Britain and Japan from cross-national, socio-cultural and policy perspectives. In particular, she brings the relationship between the public and voluntary sectors into focus and consideration. Her current research includes a cross-national study into the role of the voluntary sector in community-based provision – particularly the levels of support for people living with dementia and their carers in both societies. For further details: www.mayumihayashi.net