Struggles over ‘home’ in a time of crisis

This two day conference will bring together researchers, activists and practitioners to discuss struggles over 'home' unleashed by current events in the UK and Europe.

Struggles over ‘home’ in a time of crisis.

Supported by the University of Leeds School of Sociology and Social Policy, the University of Leeds CITIES theme and the Leeds Institute of Social Science

13th and 14th December 2016

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  • Overview
  • Programme
  • References

This two day conference will bring together researchers, activists and practitioners to discuss struggles over 'home' unleashed by current events (e.g. housing crises, refugee crises and Brexit racisms) in the UK and Europe. Day one will focus on housing, and day two will focus on race and migration. Confirmed plenary speakers for day one include Dr Paul Watt, Dr Kirsteen Paton, Dr Tom Slater and Dr Manuel Aalbers. Speakers for day two include Professor Adrian Favell, Professor Gargi Bhattacharya, Associate Professor Kehinde Andrews, Dr Sivamohan Valluvan.

Lunch will be provided on both days and there will be a social on the evening of 13 December including a short film screening and drinks.

Full registration details to follow. 

Date: 13 - 14 December 2016

Time: 09:00-17:00

Location: St George's Conference Centre, Leeds
Directions to the venue are available here

Contact: Andrew Wallace 

Day One

0900-0930:          Arrivals and tea and coffee

0930-0945:          Welcome (Dr Andrew Wallace and Prof Adrian Favell)

0945-1100:          Morning Keynote:

                            Dr Manuel Aalbers (KU Leuven):
                            “The Financialization of Housing”

                            Chair: Dr Michael Janoschka

1110-1240:          Parallel paper sessions

1240-1310:          Lunch

1310-1450:          Parallel paper sessions (see table below)

1450-1510:          Tea and coffee break

1510-1520:          Special presentation: Steve Hoey
                            (Canopy Housing and Leeds Community Homes)

1520-1720:          Afternoon plenary panel:

                            Dr Tom Slater (University of Edinburgh):
                            “Housing, think tanks and ignorance”

                            Dr Kirsteen Paton (University of Liverpool)
                            and Dr Vicki Cooper (Open University):

                            “Accumulation by repossession: The political economy
                            of evictions in Financial Capitalism and Austerity”

                            Dr Paul Watt (Birkbeck):  
                            “Home and Away’ in Post-Olympics East London”

                            Chair: Dr Stuart Hodkinson

1730:                   Depart

1800-2200:          Evening social at co-operative arts venue Wharf Chambers
                             including screenings of the short films ‘Memory Block’
                             (+ Q&A with film-maker Chris Saunders) and ‘Uprooted’
                             (+ Q&A with activist Amaka Okafor).
                             Venue has a bar and allows BYO vegetarian food.

Parallel sessions day one:

Session 1: 11:10am-12:40pm

Housing financialisation

                        (Re)configuring / (Re)presenting ‘home’

Chair: Beth Stratford

Chair: TBC

Michael Janoschka, Sonia Vives, Georgia Alexandri & Hernán Orozco:

“Tracing the financialisation of social housing practices of displacement and dispossession by global corporate landlords”

Katherine Brickell, Ella Harris and Mel Nowicki: “Pop-up Homes, Precarious Lives: Resident Insights from PLACE/Ladywell, London”

Rich Goulding: “Making an asset class out of social housing: the financialisation of English housing associations”

Melissa Fernandez Arrigoitia: “Between ‘penthouse’ social housing and crisis urbanism: reconfiguring homes in the case of ‘Metropolis’”

Ben Pattison and Aidan While: “Extending Right to Buy to Housing Association in England: negotiating the financialisation of home”

Miranda Iossifidis: “Visualising London’s housing crisis: the role of documentary films in a time of crisis”

Joe Beswick and Joe Penny: “Demolishing the Present to Sell Off the Future? The Financialisation of Public Housing in London”

Ryan Powell and Remus Cretan:  “The power of group stigmatisation: wealthy Roma, urban space and strategies of defence in post-socialist Romania”



Session 2: 1310-1450

Struggles to make ‘home’

Impacts of policy and crisis

Chair: Adrian Favell

Chair: Andrew Wallace

Clenn Kustermans and Nele Verdonck: “Landed commons in the practice of cooperative housing”

Katya Nasim: “Subjectivities in the expanded private rental sector of East London”

Jana Verstraete: “Exploring collective housing solutions in a housing system geared towards individual housing: between disruption and integration”

Emma Bimpson: “Reframing the social: governing homelessness after Localism”

Ana Gutierrez-Garza: “El hogar no es lo mismo de antes”: Changing notions of home among women activists in Spain”

Debbie Humphry: “Early Responses and Opposition to The Housing and Planning Act’s assault on Home”

Luis Eduardo Perez Murcia: “Neither fixed nor mobile: searching for home in a liminal space”

Iliana Ortega- Alcazar and Eleanor Wilkinson: “Housing welfare reform, protected groups and the un-making of ‘home’”

Cesare Di Feliciantonio & Cian O’Callaghan: “‘I need my own house’. The pervasiveness of the private house ideal in alternative housing initiatives”

Myrto Dagkouli-Kyriakoglou: “Housing Practices in familistic societies. Coping practices of Young Greeks During the Crisis”

Day Two

0900-0930:          Arrivals and tea and coffee

0930-0945:          Welcome (Dr Andrew Wallace and Prof Adrian Favell)

0945-1100:          Morning Keynote:

                             Dr Kehinde Andrews (Birmingham City University):
                             “Finding ‘home’ in Britain: Brexit, gentrification
                             and ‘double-consciousness’”

                             Chair: Dr Paul Bagguley

1110-1240:          Parallel paper sessions (see table below)

1240-1310:          Lunch

1310-1320:          Special presentation: Pria Bhabra (Leeds City Council)

1320-1450:          Special panel session convened by the
                             Leeds Migration Research Network

                             Dr Anna Pechurina: “Metaphors of “home” in migration

                             Roxana Barbulescu: “Home calling: transnational citizenship
                             practices of countries of origin”

                             Rosa Mas Giralt: “Migrants' experiences of generic othering
                             and the constructed boundaries of 'home'”

                             Cristina-Claudia Paraschivescu: “Home and Belonging.
                             Romanian Migrants in London and Paris”                               

                             Chair: Prof Adrian Favell

1450-1510:          Tea and coffee break

1510-1650:          Afternoon plenary panel:

                             Dr Gargi Bhattacharya (University of East London):
                             “Postponing homecoming:
                             discomfort as a practice of solidarity”

                             Dr Sivamohan Valluvan (University of Manchester):
                             “The Ideological Multiplicity of New Nationalism”

                             Chair: Prof. Adrian Favell

1700:                    Depart

Parallel session day two:

Session 3: 1110-1240

Neighbourhood and ‘belonging’

(Forced) mobilities and ‘homes’

Chair: Leona Satchell-Samuels

Chair: Andrew Wallace

Kathy Burrell: “Home in Flux? Experiencing ‘Churn’ in a City Neighbourhood”

Chloe Reiser: “Barriers to finding Affordable Housing for Poor and Recent Immigrant Families in a Canadian City”

John Grayson: “Framing asylum homes in a “hostile environment”, campaigning and resisting G4S asylum markets”

Jeff Kirby: “Squatting with Refugees: Temporary Tribes in Liminal Space

Robert Lastman: “Diversity and the definition of ‘home’ in West Hampstead: A small section of the London Property Market”

Isobel Ward: “Idealised conceptions of ‘home’”

Tim Monteath: “Elite mobilities and high-end housing in the UK: The outlook after Brexit”

Jana Loew: “The Importance of a Place in the World: Refugees and Political Community"

Lorey, I (2015) State of Insecurity, London: Verso

Nowicki, M (2014) Rethinking Domicide: Towards an Expanded Critical Geography of Home,
Geography Compass, 8/11: 785-795

Porteous, D. and Smith, E. (2001). Domicide: the global destruction of home. Montreal and
Kingston: McGill Queen’s University Press