Dr Charles Husband and Dr Younis Alam - Manningham: lived experience in the (more than) multi-ethnic neighborhood

Yunis Alam and Charles Husband talk about their research and their book Lived Diversities, which covers both historical and contemporary issues.

In this talk, Yunis Alam and Charles Husband, both from the University of Bradford, talk about their recent research in the neighbourhood of Manningham, Bradford. The resulting book, Lived Diversities, covers both historical and contemporary issues which continue to shape the neighbourhood's identity internally and externally. 

Much of the narrative that flows from their analysis is set against the dominant stereotype of Manningham as a failed and threatening inner city area, and asks questions about our expectations of what constitutes an acceptable mode of civility in multi-ethnic urban contexts.

The authors will begin with a broad overview of this research, including the themes explored in the book. From there, they hope to move on to a more interactive style, engaging with the audience through eliciting questions around their findings as well as linkages with social policy, and research politics.