Dr Kate O’Riordan – Making sense of sensors: unreal objects and biosensory experiences

This workshop explores the different projects resulting from a practical workshop on making and hacking biosensors.

The workshop is part of the Sussex-UCSC Digital media partnership initiative, funded though the University of Sussex (via the EPSRC). The projects and the workshop enable a series of reflections about biosensors and their commercially offered promises; and what they might offer in other ways, to other constituents like digital art practice.

These reflections include: issues about expertise and the question of how to make with sensors; questions about how inner states of being can be communicated through making internal processes visible in social situations; non-human relations and the possibility of radical communication beyond the human; questions about materiality, performance and the role of the manifesto in relation to devices. These are developed to suggest that despite the radical promise of biosensors to offer new forms of communication, the objects they produce often fail. However, the process of design and making open up questions about the technological horizon and possibilities for connection in a device orientated culture. 

This event is free to attend and registration is not required.

Location Details

Room 12.21 and 12.25
Social Sciences Building
University of Leeds

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