PGR Conference Challenging academic debates: decolonizing knowledge production

The one day Conference Challenging Academic Debates: Decolonising knowledge Production is a continuation of previous debates, with a political and intelectual agenda of post and decolonial thought.

For each conference we select one topic to be debated in depth inviting participants from inside and outside the university, creating a more diverse community to think together about possible alternatives to centralise marginalised debates in the University.The Challenging Academic Debates series of conferences intend to facilitate an interdisciplinary dialogue within and beyond the school of Sociology and Social Policy.

This conference will have a particular focus on the implications of Decolonising Knowledge Production in ways that inspire reframing academic practices of teaching, research, producing knowledge and networking in and beyond academia. Decolonising Knowledge Production inspires us to be critical of the various taken for granted principles that constitute dominant forms of knowledge, expectation and understanding, what knowledge is deemed relevant/valued and/or marginal/undervalued. As a result, the topic of Decolonising Knowledge Production calls into question and opens new horizons for debate that are generally ignored silenced and supported by mainstream academia and society. 


Location Details

Room 12.21 and 12.25
Social Sciences Building
University of Leeds