Invitation Guest Lecture and Discussion: Dr Ruth Patrick

Former SSP postgraduate researcher - Dr Ruth Patrick - returns to Leeds to share the findings from her doctoral study into the lived experiences of welfare reform.

Between 2011 and 2016, Ruth interviewed a small group of out-of-work benefit claimants as they anticipated, experienced and reflected upon changes to their benefits. She spoke to single parents, disabled people and young jobseekers on several occasions, and included participatory elements within her research (including what has become known as the Dole Animators project).

In Ruth’s research, a dynamic picture emerges of the cumulative impacts of welfare reform over time. This illustrates the perverse consequences of welfare reform, and the extent to which recent changes have embedded social insecurity for all those at the sharp end of our social security system. Further, it shows the extent of the mismatch between the popular narrative on ‘welfare’ and individual lived experiences.

In her presentation, Ruth will summarise findings from the research and consider their relevance for the current and next wave of welfare reform under Theresa May’s administration, and - in particular - the contentious and problematic rollout of Universal Credit.

All welcome! There is no need to book.