Research projects

Project title
AKTIVE – Advancing Knowledge of Telecare for Independence and Vitality in later lifE
Academic freedom
Aesthetic Surgery and Symbolic Capital in South Korea
Autism across the life course
Carers, employment and services (CES)
Challenging institutional whiteness in postcolonial contexts
Changing Landscapes for the Third Sector
Child care, welfare reform and women's labour force participation
Chinese Victims of Racist Violence
Chinese action research project: household needs, public services and community organisations
Communicating Welfare Reform
Countering Islamophobia Through the Development of Best Practice in the use of Counter-Narratives in EU Member States
Cross National Comparison of Child Care Policy Options and Implementations
DMBC – Service review for Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council assistive technology services
Developing a clearer understanding of the Carer’s Allowance Claimant Group
Disability Transitions: Combatting Young Disabled People’s Worklessness
Doing embryo ethics
ESRC Research Group for the Study of Care, Values and the Future of Welfare
Equality Statistics in Practice at a Local Level
Ethnic differences in education and diverging prospects for urban youth in an enlarged Europe
Ethnic minority business: policy and practice review
European research agendas for disability equality
Evaluation of Fit as a Fiddle
Evaluation of Supporting Carers in General Practice
Evaluation of the Caring with Confidence Programme
Evaluation of the National Carers’ Strategy Demonstrator Sites Programme
Exploring men’s experiences of care in low-income localities
Exploring the impact and potential benefits of telecare for carers in Scotland
FLOWS: The impact of local welfare systems on female labour force participation and social cohesion
FUSION: Financialisation and Income Inequality
Financial Innovation Today: Towards Economic Resilience (FITTER)
Financing for Society: Crowdfunding Public Infrastructure (Pilot Fund)
Following Young Fathers: The lived experience of teenage parenting over time
Gender and Employment in Local Labour Markets (GELLM)
Gender diversity, recognition and citizenship
Hard Knock Life: Negotiating concussion and dementia in sport
Higher Education provision and support for disabled students
ICT based solutions for caregivers
Including a new generation? Using qualitative longitudinal methods to understand disabled people's lives in the 21st century
Knowing: knowledge, institutions and gender
Living Gender In Diverse Times
Migration and networks of care in Europe
NIHR Improving employment opportunities for carers
Needs of carers in North Lincolnshire: A Scoping Exercise
PROSEU - Prosumers for the Energy Union
Parental empowerment in Sure Start programmes
Parenting And Family Life
Postdoctoral Research Fellowship
Pregnant Men: An International Exploration of Trans Male Practices of Reproduction
Provision of replacement/alternative care for Jobcentre Plus customers who are carers
REVAMP: Effectiveness of a Community Health Care Workers Programme for Maternal and Child Health in Nigeria
Racist Hostility and Racist Violence in Leeds
Rapid Evidence Assessments for the ODI
Real Life Methods
Realizing the political rights of persons with disabilities (PODI)
Regional factsheets on carers
Responsible Innovation of Medical Technologies
Review of Local Authorities’ Use of Carers Grant
SENSE – Using technology to support older adults with dual sensory impairment
Sex Entertainment Venues: Regulating Working Conditions
Sex binaries, performance enhancement and elite sport
Social Impacts of Local Energy Developments (SLED): A case study of Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay
Sugar Rush: Science, Obesity and the Social Life of Sugar
Sun, Sea, Sand and Silicone
Talking about sex and relationships
Telecare: a crucial opportunity to help save our health and social care system
The Regulatory Dance
The Semantics of Tolerance and (Anti-) Racism in Europe: institutions and civil society in a comparative perspective
The performance of disability histories
The potential of ICT in supporting the provision of domiciliary care
The racism reduction agenda
The relational politics of equalities policy making
Timescapes: an ESRC qualitative longitudinal study
Translations and transformations in patienthood: cancer in the post-genomics era
U-LEAD - University of Leeds East Asia Disability Rights Forum
UK and Latin American perspectives on Disability
Urban Aboriginal Youth and Self-Employment
Violence Against Disabled Women
White Spaces: racialising white femininities and masculinities
Workforce Development for Assisted Living Technology
Yorkshire Academic Sex Work Consortium