Nicola Dowson


I am responsible for leading and coordinating on the Assessment practices and processes within the School of Sociology and Social Policy and the School of Politics and international Studies.  My main duties include: 

  • Providing day-today team supervision and coordination of the Assessment Team.
  • Manage assessment and marking processes across the Team.
  • Manage production of assessment papers.
  • Manage processes for Exam timetabling (where necessary).
  • Manage division of assessment tasks across the SES Team.
  • Coordinate marking allocation processes and maintain records.
  • Coordinate and oversee the collation of marks, deduction of penalties and upload into banner, ensuring student & central return of marks deadlines are met.
  • Liaise and communicate with External Examiners.
  • Organise & Manage Assessment and Progression and Award Boards.
  • Developing and maintaining knowledge of assessment processes, practices and regulations, keeping up to date with institutional developments and supporting their timely adoption within the Faculty and the Schools.