Chong Liu

Chong Liu


Research Introduction:

When people talk about sexuality education, the mainstream discussion is still majorly focusing on the experiences of those European and American countries; and it usually refers to the scientific and systematic kinds of sexuality education. However, the existence of abstinence sexuality education, to a certain extent, indicates that not every type of sexuality education is scientific and systematic. Therefore, it is particularly significant to understand youth’s everyday sexuality education experience and to see what kinds of sexuality education they can receive. In my research project, by critically rethinking sexuality education, I have re-defined sexuality education in China. I have also named it to be the input as well as the output of China’s societal, political, cultural, and historical construction. It is impossible to ignore that in recent decades, with the implementation of the Opening-Up policy which was first introduced in 1978, China’s society has experienced numerous changes, youth’s sexuality identity, practice and relationship have also got many opportunities and challenges. The imbalanced development about this issue thus becomes one of the motivations behind this research.
Studies show that it is crucial to listen to the youth’s voices to understand their experiences. At the same time, few studies have investigated the intersection of sexuality education and social stratification. Moreover, previous youth studies in China rarely pay attention to vocational school students – as an outcome of class stratification in China’s high school education system. Therefore, for making the unheard be heard, from March to September 2019, I conducted my six-month fieldwork at a vocational high school and an academic high school, interviewed both student and schoolteacher participants to understand Chinese youth’s sexuality education experience and to see how class and gender impact their sexuality identity, practice, and relationships. 


Lecture - Semester 1 2018/2019 Academic Year: SLSP1170 Understanding and Researching Contemporary Society (Level 1) (one lecture on social class in contemporary society)

Tutorial - Semester 1 2018/2019 Academic Year: SLSP1170 Understanding and Researching Contemporary Society (Level 1) (taking 2 x two hour tutorials per week, and marking research proposals)

Tutorial (ad hoc) - Semester 1 2018/2019 Academic Year: SLSP1190 Identities, Inequalities and Policy in Contemporary Society (Level 1) 

Tutorial - Semester 1 2019/2020 Academic Year: SLSP1190 Identities, Inequalities and Policy in Contemporary Society (Level 1)  (taking 4 x one hour tutorials per week, and marking exams)

Guest Lecture - Semester 2 2019/2020 Academic Year: EDUC5867 Children’s Family and Personal Relationships. (MA Childhood Studies, School of Education)


Associate Fellow, Higher Education Academy (reference number: PR185392)

Book Reviews:

Political Studies Review - Yingjie Guo (ed.), Handbook on Class and Social Stratification in China (Volume: 16 issue: 1, page(s): NP99-NP99 Article first published online: November 24, 2017; Issue published: February 1, 2018)


I am quoted in the meeting report of “Switched on: sexuality education in the digital space” the International Symposium conducted on 19 - 21 February 2020 in Istanbul, Turkey. View more information on the UNESCO webpage.

I was interviewed by Viola Zhou at Inkstone to talk about the age of consent in China. I am quoted in the article Alleged Sexual Abuse of Teen Girl Prompts Calls to Raise Age of Consent

As one of the contributors, I advised Marie Stopes International China on the Guideline for Fundamental Sexuality Education (2019).《玛丽斯特普基础性教育指南(2019)》 View more information on the Marie Stopes China webpage (In Chinese).

I was one of the volunteer teachers teaching Sociology at Shi Wu Xue Tang(实务学堂) in July 2019, as a part of their summer school programme. Shi Wu Xue Tang is a middle/high school level privately-run school for internal migrant children in China.

I was being featured in a video (both English and Chinese subtitles are available) which introduces the live streaming sexuality education program conducted by MSIC. Since the beginning of 2019, I have partaken in this project as a volunteer teacher, and have taught over 5,800 Chinese primary school, middle school, and high school students.

I was invited to attend “Switched On: Sexuality education in the digital space” the international symposium jointly conducted by UNESCO and UNFPA in Istanbul, Turkey, from 19 to February 21 2020. View more information on the UNESCO webpage.

For celebrating International Women’s Day 2020, I was invited by You&Me, a featured sexuality education support platform jointly developed by Marie Stopes International China and UNFPA China, to partake in their special series, and to popularise the development of sexuality education in digital space to the public through live-streaming on March 6. 

Together with Wang Longxi 王龙玺 (MSIC) and Se A 色阿 (MayLove), for celebrating International Women’s Day 2020, I was invited by KnowDeaf to popularise sexuality health knowledge to women with hearing loss and deafness through live transcribing on March 7.

Together with Jingyi Wang (University of Cambridge) and Ling Tang (University of Oxford), I talked about the intersection of feminism, power relationship, and sexuality education specifically in China’s context. View more information on Weibo for Episode 1 and Episode 2 (In Chinese).

As one of the speakers invited by imaginist (理想国), with Ling Tang (University of Oxford) and Jingyi Wang (University of Cambridge), I talked about the development of feminism in China, and introduced the conflicts the “independent women” may encounter when they made traditional decisions. View more information on Wechat (In Chinese). 

Conference Presentation:

Back to school: Digital tools to deliver sexuality education in the classroom. Session 8C, at “Switched On: Sexuality education in the digital space” jointly conducted by UNESCO and UNFPA in Istanbul. February 20, 2020. 

Back to school: Participate in a live-streamed CSE class and experience other digital tools for CSE! (featured). Session 16C, at “Switched On: Sexuality education in the digital space” jointly conducted by UNESCO and UNFPA in Istanbul. February 21, 2020. 

School Matters: Social Class and the Youth Sexuality Education Experience in Contemporary China. At The School Research Seminar Series conducted by the School of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Leeds. March 18, 2020. (Abstract accepted, but conference cancelled due to the coronavirus situation.)

Class, gender, and youth’s sexuality education experience in contemporary China. Paper session 2, Sociology of Education, at “BSA Annual Conference 2020” conducted by BSA at Aston University, Birmingham. April 212020. (Abstract accepted, but conference cancelled due to the coronavirus situation.)

Media Contact:

Twitter: @liuchonglll

Research interests

- Social Stratification (Class, Gender, Sexuality) 

- Comprehensive/Holistic/Abstinence Sexuality Education 

- Working Class: Taxi Drivers, and Vocational School Students

- Educational Inequality

- Ideology, Propaganda, and Their Impacts on People's Everyday Lives

- Nationalism and Collectivism

- China's Contemporary History (1949- )

- (Post-)Socialist Femininity and Masculinity (with Chinese Characteristics)

- Parenting in China

- Online Dating Apps


  • MA Social Research (Education)
  • BSc E-Commerce