Joy Walker

Joy Walker


I am a lecturer in Health and Social Care in the School of Health at the University of Bradford. My research interests include family, parent-child interactions, sex education and teenage pregnancy. These research interests have inspired my proposed PhD study to explore delayed transitions into parenthood, identity and intergenerational exchange.

My research plans to embrace qualitative longitudinal research (QLR) methodology to explore fertility issues in relation to identity and intergenerational exchange within the family. A wide range of women and men’s experiences will be examined.

QLR methodology will be used in the context of fertility challenges encountered during the uncertainty of becoming a parent to understand a highly complex and sensitive issue amidst the dynamics of everyday life. The context of understanding contemporary aspects of fertility will be tracked through its formation. Social and cultural factors will be investigated such as ‘expected fertility’ and ‘proper families’. Follow up interviews will be at 6 months and 18 months after the initial interview with individuals and their parents.

A part-time PhD lends itself to this QLR methodology with a longer follow up period to track changes and offer participants flexibility in timescales given the sensitive nature of the study.


Previously I have worked as a Senior lecturer at Leeds Metropolitan University, as an NHS Research Fellow and in diverse primary care settings in both Leeds and Bradford.

Research studies and published reports

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My Masters dissertation ‘Sex Education and reducing teenage pregnancy – parents as health educators?’ (Distinction awarded from Leeds Metropolitan University)

My undergraduate dissertation ‘A Phenomenological study of parents’ perceptions of support following their child’s diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis.’ was awarded a Commendation for First Class dissertation)


Walker J.L. (2014) Understanding kinship and (in)fertility. Human Reproductive Study Group Conference. Lancaster University, 24th July 2014.