Iman Federico Awi

Iman Federico Awi


My academic journey has been shaped by years of commitement to advancing education and advocating for change, especially in the areas of human rights and equitable education. My academic background includes an LLB in Law, an LLM in Human Rights Law, and a PGCE (Post Compulsory Education). In addition to my academic qualifications, I also have experience teaching Law and Criminology at FE and HE level, thus creating a strong foundation for my reserach.

My experience gained from roles in education, legal practice and mental health have provided me with a diverse skill set that includes supporting those facing inequalities in a variety of contexts. Furthermore, current race equality work that I am involved in has enabled me to lead and participate in community work, with aims of addressing racial inequalities and overcoming these challenges. My passion for education and commitment to change are at the forefront of my PhD research.

Research interests

I am dedicated and committed to advancing knowledge in the field of higher education and social equity, with a primary focus on addressing the multifaceted challenges faced by Black students in the United Kingdom. My research, titled "Black students in the UK: addressing barriers to education in Higher Education," seeks to provide a comprehensive understanding of the barriers that hinder the academic success and personal development of Black students in the UK. 

The significance of this research project lies in the persistent disparities in educational outcomes experienced by Black students in the UK. Despite numerous efforts to promote diversity and inclusivity, disparities in academic attainment, access to resources, and the overall university experience remain. My personal interest in this research stems from a commitment to social justice and a belief in the transformative power of education. As someone who has witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by Black students in the UK, I am driven by a desire to contribute to the development of strategies and policies that can make higher education accessible, inclusive, and equitable for all. I aim to shed light on the root causes of these barriers and, ultimately, propose effective interventions that will empower Black students to excel academically and fulfill their potential. In pursuing this research, my goal is to not only highlight the issues but also to provide actionable recommendations and solutions that can help reshape the landscape of higher education in the UK.

My research interests include:

  • Race and Ethnicty
  • Access to Higher Education
  • Inclusive Education
  • Academic Attainment


  • LLB Law
  • LLM Human Rights Law
  • PGCE (Post Compulsory Education)

Research groups and institutes

  • Centre for Ethnicity and Racism Studies