Rehab Alotaibi


I am a PhD student in sociology. I received my M.A. is Sociology in 2012 from King Saud University. I became a faculty member in the department social studies of the same university. I have maintained a keen interest in Sociology, especially in social media and social change and women's rights. I am interested in social change in Saudi society because Saudi society has been undergoing major changes at the political and social levels. These changes have become apparent in people's relationships, their ways of thinking and their dealing with events, specifically in the rights of Saudi women.

My diverse work and study experiences have given me a better understanding of what opportunities are available to me. I have always been fascinated with sociology programs, and some day, I want to be Assistant Professor in Sociology. I believe that the PhD program in Sociology will provide me with the tools to succeed in my career.

Research interests

My research is in line with the social research which aims to bring about positive change, by addressing the problems of women through the participation of the public and raising awareness of women's rights. My research aims to contribute to understanding social media, which might assist women in claiming their rights. The purpose of my study is to explore how Twitter affects social change in women's rights in Saudi society. Also, to provide policy makers, community leaders with research on social media and its impact on social change and women's rights to develop laws, policy and practice that aim to support and improve conditions for Saudi women.


  • M.A. Sociology