Racist Hostility and Racist Violence in Leeds

The aims of this project are:

  • To examine the perceptions and experiences of residents and relevant organisations on two social housing estates in relation to community, change, crime and conflict,
  • To examine the experiences of individuals and households subject to racially motivated hate crime,
  • To examine the perceptions and motivations of those involved in racially motivated hate crime,
  • To make recommendations for action to improve social relations and reduce conflict in this area in conjunction with the parallel report reviewing good practice.

Approximately 103 interviews have been completed, comprising key informants (27), victims of racist violence (11) and estate residents (65) together with additional data collection by the fieldwork team.

Project Publications

Lou Hemmerman, Ian Law, Jenny Simms and Ala Sirriyeh (2007) Situating Racist Hostility and Understanding the Impact of Racist Victimisation in Leeds, Leeds: CERS

Research Findings [159KB]

Full Report [384KB]