Chinese Victims of Racist Violence

The aim of the study is to report on the prevalence of racial harassment amongst Chinese communities and its impact; to establish what differences may emerge between rural and urban contexts; establish the effectiveness of current reporting arrangements and critique in general the response of the criminal justice and other relevant systems and policy arrangements.  The four key elements of the study are as follows: a literature review; a postal survey; qualitative research face to face interviews with individuals; including both members of the Chinese-speaking communities and key policy actors, and some discussion groups; and the process of dissemination of research findings.

Project Publications

Hidden from Public View, Chinese Victims of Racial Harassment and Violence, London: TMG/Min Quan, 2009, p.88 = with S. Adamson, C.K. Chan, T. Cheung, G. Craig, B. Cole and C. Lau

Full Report [522KB]