The Semantics of Tolerance and (Anti-) Racism in Europe: institutions and civil society in a comparative perspective

This project is being funded as part of the EU Framework 7, Social Science and Humanities programme on tolerance and cultural diversity.  The fact of cultural diversity is sometimes seen as a feature of modern European society.  However, closer examination shows that European societies have always been - to a greater or lesser degree - diverse societies.  This project will investigate whether European societies are becoming more or less tolerant and pluralistic in their values and practices, and will examine those factors which contribute to the construction and maintenance of tolerant, culturally diverse societies with a view to better formulation of policies.  In particular it will look at how educational systems in culturally diverse societies can promote or undermine tolerance through the shaping of perceptions, attitudes and values.

The focus on the role of education and ethnic and cultural diversity in this project will build on lessons and evidence produced by the current EU FP7 project, EDUMIGROM, which is led by Ian Law.  The UK team for this project is led by Ian Law and Bobby Sayyid.  This project is led by colleagues at the University of Coimbra in Portugal, and includes research teams from Denmark, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands.