Knowing: knowledge, institutions and gender

Building on scholarship in feminist philosophy and social studies of science, the project is examining the role of gender in the production of knowledge contexts and cultures, comparing East-West perspectives, combining statistical analysis, qualitative interviewing, participant observation and discourse analysis.

Project Publications

Garforth, L. and Kerr, A., (2011) ‘Interdisciplinarity and the social sciences: capital, institutions and autonomy’ The British Journal of Sociology 62 (4): 657-676.

Garforth, L and Kerr, A. (2010) ‘Let’s Get Organised: practicing and valuing scientific work inside and outside the laboratory’ Sociological Research Online 15 (2): 11

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Garforth, L. (2012). In/visibilities of research: Seeing and knowing in STS. Science, Technology & Human Values, 37(2), 264-285.