Yorkshire Academic Sex Work Consortium


  1. A group of academics and researchers with sex work expertise and knowledge to work alongside Genesis and with other practitioners across Yorkshire to share understanding, develop research and create network and collaborative activities.
  2. The group commits to the mission statement of the sex work project Genesis

Our vision is for all women involved in sex work to have the freedom and opportunity to be safe and make their own choices.


  1. To take forward a research programme with Genesis and the sex work community in Leeds and the broader area that recognises the needs to the service as well as academic interest and areas for investigation.
  2. To create collaborative initiatives between the Yorkshire Universities and sex work projects.
  3. To disseminate findings and information to policy makers and practitioners to further develop understanding of sex work in Yorkshire


  1. Preliminary scoping research on what is known about prostitution in Leeds, to help generate baseline data for Leeds’ Prostitution Strategy. Funded by the University of York with contribution from Safer Leeds.
  2. Scoping and Mapping of Street Sex Work
  3. Needs Assessment of Indoor and Street Sex Work
  4. Evaluation of New Futures Service