Disability Activism in Europe

Disability Activism in Europe: Young Disabled Activist's Views and Experiences is a research project that forges new understandings of disability activism, politics, and the resistance practices of young disabled activists across Europe. The project runs from October 2020 until March 2024. It is co-funded by the University of Leeds and the Leverhulme Trust. It is led by Dr Miro Griffiths.

It investigates the contemporary position of young disabled activists engaged in activism and social movements across Europe. It will offer insight into young disabled activist's contributions to disability politics, the barriers limiting their participation, and their vision for the future of disability activism. It will make original contributions to the fields of Disability Studies, Social Movement Studies, Youth Studies, and the Sociology of Resistance. Of particular note, it provides a still rare investigation into disabled people's social movements.

The project investigates: (a) young disabled activist's experiences across a range of cultural and political contexts beyond the UK; and (b) their aspirations for disability politics and inclusive societies across Europe. More specifically, the research explores young disabled activist's thoughts about: (a) the "problem" of dis/ability; (b) organising society to address disabling barriers; and (c) the role of disabled people's social movements in pursuing emancipation.

There are four phases of the research project:

(1) a survey exploring opportunities and challenges to young disabled activist’s participation in disabled people's social movements;

(2) interviews exploring opportunities and challenges to young disabled activist’s participation in disabled people's social movements plus their vision for an inclusive and accessible society;

(3) a “future laboratory” workshop supporting young disabled activists to imagine the role of disabled people's social movements in achieving such societies;

(4) production of a documentary film exploring youth participation in disabled people's social movements across Europe.

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