Kathryn Gudmunson



I just moved to Leeds from the US, where I previously worked in veterinary medicine, education, and public policy. I have masters degrees in Education and Public Administration from Arizona State University and Seattle University, respectively. Most recently I lived in Nebraska, where I worked for the state legislature as a performance auditor.

Research interests

I’m interested in the intersection of public policy and crime, particularly in the area of narcotics trafficking. My PhD is focused on determining the impacts that drug policy changes have had on drug trafficking and organized crime in the Czech Republic.

I chose to focus on the Czech Republic because it implemented decriminalization policies in 1990 and has received little international recognition for this action. Despite having one of the most liberal drug policies in Europe, the Czech Republic has managed to fly under the radar in the discussion of drug decriminalization. I want to further the conversation on the concept of drug decriminalization by exploring how Czech policy has changed over time and how that has affected crime and criminal organizations in the country.