Shareefa Fadhel

Shareefa Fadhel


I am an accomplished entrepreneur, and visionary and creative leader with a history of pioneering new programs and opportunities among women in Qatar and the GCC. I am the Co-Founder and CEO of the nonprofit, Roudha Center for Entrepreneurship and innovation (RC), and a founding partner for Trade+Impact for women Led Social Enterprises.

I have been nominated by Arabian Business as one of the “Top 100 Powerful Arab Women” for 2014.

I am on the Steering Committee of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women CBFW, Mentoring program.

I hold an MBA in Management & Marketing Strategies and a Diploma in Corporate Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Carnegie Mellon University Qatar.

I am a motivational leader who is adept at managing, motivating and developing successful and productive teams to ensure full delivery of company objectives.  

I work directly with organizations advocate about women and women’s economic development as well as cutting-edge companies providing consulting, marketing and business development for their women product groups.

Pursuing the PhD was always a personal and professional target I had for myself. As an ambitious and curious person; researching, discovering and learning is an important part of my life. A PhD was a mean for gaining specialized knowledge and to challenge myself personally. Hoping that not only knowledge I gain but can contribute to exiting research.

My work is a continuity of a family legacy, coming from a family of female advocates. This spark and passion for fighting for the empowerment of women, realizing it was not simply enough to live for myself but wherever possible to help other women around me in my community; gave me a sense of accomplishment in the form of greater confidence; it tested my own leadership abilities too and encouraged me to pursue further studies.

I wish to continue in Academia, but also work with grassroots organizations aiming to make change within their own communities.

Research interests

My research explores two important key areas for realizing the SDGs. It investigates the economic transformations and inclusive growth development initiatives that have been taken by these countries and if and how women have been incorporated in these initiatives. Examining the socioeconomic changes accompanying these changes from a broader level; with an emphasis on the impact of women in creating synergies between economic, social and cultural objectives. This research is based on a multi-method, staged approach to collecting data through literature review, and semi- structured interviews with key constituents from the society, in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of the impact.

With the aim of assessing the role and impact of women in the implementations of SDGs, I am hoping to affirm realm women hold in accomplishing not only the two-focus area of this research but the wider goals. Economic and social inclusion can limit the threats of economic and social disparity dangers facing stable growth of these countries. It is crucial to address inequalities of income, gender and finance through promotion of economic participation while maintaining financial stability.