Zain Maulana

Zain Maulana

Research interests

Most of ASEAN countries have been agreed and endorsed the Responsibility to Protect (R2P), as an emerging international norm, in the World Summit in 2005. Since 2009, the countries have been actively involved in the Annual Dialogue on R2P in the UN General Assembly. Broadly speaking, most of the states showed their reception and support to the norm. At the regional level of ASEAN, R2P is contested and interpreted differently along with the the local ASEAN principles and practices.

The overall aim of my research is to explore the dynamic diffusion and contestation of R2P in ASEAN context. This study investigates the understanding of ASEAN and the member states toward R2P in the context of the region. In addition, it investigates the attitude and reaction of ASEAN and the member countries to atrocity crimes that are occurring in the region; Rohingya crisis and war on drugs in the Philippines. Broadly, this research explain the implication of this study to norm literatures.


  • BA in International Relations
  • MA in International Relations