Natalie James

Natalie James


I hold a BA (hons) in Politics and an MSc in Politics and Research Methods from the University of Sheffield. During my academic career I have specialised in security studies and feminism; specifically, I am interested in counter-terrorism and the construction of identity around ‘threats’. Widening participation and outreach work encouraging engagement and participation in politics and political studies has also been a big part of my academic career.

Undertaking my PhD is allowing me to continuously learn whilst contributing to an under-researched area of political studies that is critical to not only the field, but the wider socio-political environment. 

Upon completion of the PhD I hope to continue working in the field of counter-terrorism, whether through academia, policy analysis or security services.

Research interests

My research is focused on the UK’s counter-terrorism policy ‘Prevent’ and the duty placed upon the public sector to safeguard anyone who might be vulnerable to engaging in terrorist or extremist activity. It uses intersectional feminism to examine the duty within the further education sector, analysing experiences of policy and organisational elites, staff and students within FE institutions, and officials from prevent-related training organisations. The research will uncover the multi-layered experiences of people embedded within the normalisation of counter-terrorism to produce greater knowledge around how terrorist/extremist threats are presented, understood, portrayed and therefore countered during everyday practices.