Daniel Poprdan


Although born in the small Norfolk town of King's Lynn, I have lived most of my life in Leeds.

My undergraduate degree was in Politics which I took at Leeds Metropolitan University (now Leeds Beckett), before completing an MA in Politics at University of Leeds with a focus on political theory. I have worked in a variety of administrative roles, most recently for a large law firm based in Leeds city centre.

What motivated me to undertake PhD study?

I was greatly interested during my postgraduate studies in questions over social cohesion and interactions between diverse groups in modern democracies. I am engaged in PhD study in order to more fully address these questions and attempt to make some contribution to the debate over them.

What makes me passionate about my subject?

Seeing how vastly diverse groups within single societies with hugely differing beliefs and desires for their lives can nevertheless not only co?exist peaceably in densely populated spaces, but also how those groups can agree on fundamental principles such as justice or equality and work together in order to make them work.

What are my plans once I have completed my PhD?

I intend to make full use of the opportunities for training in academic writing and teaching as my ambition is to use my PhD in order to begin an academic career.

Research interests

By examining the political philosophy concepts of civility and rights (and the work of relevant authors), I will attempt to engage with the thought process of citizens in liberal democracies that leads them to accept limits on their activities and back away from the compete fulfillment of so-called rights claims  -- to resources, particular beliefs etc. -- when faced with potential conflicts over those activities and claims. 

My contention is that this represents a paradox between expectations and actual behaviour, one that is nevertheless reasonable given both the pluralist nature of modern society and the desire for community and solidarity among citizens.