Ryan O'Connor

Ryan O'Connor



I have previously studied at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia where I completed my Master’s Degree. Before that, I attended The SDSU: San Diego State University (Roll State) in San Diego, California, for my Bachelor’s degree.

Research interests

My research concerns the multiple discourses of intervention and their role in justifiability, norm creation, and action. Specifically, I am interested in how separate discourses (political, media, popular culture) interrelate to create, (re)produce, and (re)use representations of the self and the ‘other’.  Furthermore, my research looks at how these representations come to obtain a ‘truth’ for, and thereby constitute our knowledge of, an event. The actions that are then subsequently launched, predicated upon the aforementioned creation of the conditions of possibility, come to establish our physical reality. Beyond analyzing these three different types of discourses I also delve into contrasting sites of production. Currently, my research focuses on the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan. The Cold War provided a unique display of differentiating discourses striving to achieve a normative superiority.   As such, I am looking at both Western and non-Western (primarily Russian) sources in order to highlight the power struggle between these opposing productions of representations. By emphasizing the power inherent in these representations I aim to display their direct affect in producing the physical reality of an intervention