Gillian McKay

Gillian McKay


The core aim of my research is to understand the UK’s approach to operationalising mass atrocity prevention in practice. Drawing on interviews with government officials and non-government practitioners, I establish the way in which the UK has implemented its responsibility to protect populations from atrocity crimes over time; most notably in Myanmar, Yemen, Mali, and Kenya.

The project is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and is being undertaken in collaboration with Aegis Trust.

Recent responsibilities

I have also previously worked in the humanitarian and development sectors, notably with the British Red Cross, the Norwegian Refugee Council, and the International Organization for Migration.

Research interests

My research interests are interdisciplinary, ranging from philosophy and psychology to law and politics. I am especially passionate about working at the nexus of research and practice.


  • MA (Hons) Philosophy-Psychology
  • LLM Human Rights Law
  • MA Social Research