Gillian McKay


My research into the UK’s approach to mass atrocity prevention is underscored by interviews with individuals, from civil servants to civil society, who have generously provided a wealth of practical insights and perspectives on five key themes and case studies: 

  • The role of the British military in Mali (through MINUSMA);
  • The use of targeted sanctions against individuals and entities in Myanmar;
  • The supply of training and equipment to Saudi forces operating in Yemen;
  • The provision of UK aid to support peaceful political transitions in Kenya; and
  • The potential behind Holocaust and citizenship education programmes in Britain.  

The project is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, and is being undertaken in collaboration with the Aegis Trust which works globally to prevent mass atrocities. 

I have formerly worked in the humanitarian and development sectors, notably with the Norwegian Refugee Council, the British Red Cross, and the International Organization for Migration.

Current responsibilities 
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Research interests

My research interests are interdisciplinary, ranging from philosophy and psychology to law and politics. 


  • MA (Hons) Philosophy-Psychology
  • LLM Human Rights Law
  • MA Social Research