Neda Richards

Neda Richards


I am an interdisciplinary behavioural scientist, with a background in psychology and auditing organisational practices and processes, which I have found to be an excellent skill source to better understand the processes in place and the identification of bottlenecks.

Previously, I have briefly worked for the Home Office in the Crime and Policing Knowledge Hub, the College of Policing, and the PRIME project (focusing on communication measures to prevent, interdict and mitigate lone actor extremist events in Europe).


Research interests

I am passionate about human behaviour and have a keen interest in our national security. I am a big believer in transformative research, which focuses on improving the lives of the end user.

My current research focuses on the prevention of radicalisation and extremism by improving and encouraging reporting behaviour through Counterterrorism Community Engagement (CTCE). The study compares the practices of CTCE and reporters' experience in East Jutland (Denmark) and West Yorkshire (UK). The findings of the researchers stress the importance of working closely with relatives of those vulnerable individuals (including returnee foreign fighters) and providing them with the support that they need in order to provide a 360 degrees approach to prevention.

Moreover, it recommends that CTCE should be delivered in a specific way that connects with the individual at an identity level, in order to identify and address fears or concerns relating to reporting. Additionally, the study suggests that the reporting process needs to be designed in a way that is user-friendly, and takes into consideration the fears/concerns of reporters.