Ningyao Ye

Ningyao Ye


I obtained Bachelor of Law from East China University of Political Science and Law, and then, I went to University of Glasgow and obtained Master of Law.

LLM International Commercial Law in University of Glasgow with Merit

LLB  Intellectual Property  in East China University of Political Science and Law

What are my plans once I have completed my PhD?

I would like to continue my career in academia.

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Research interests

In modern financial markets, the banking industry plays an essential role for countries’ economic growth and financial stability as one insolvent bank could trigger a ‘domino effect’ in the whole financial system.  Thus banking instability has become a major issue in financial markets. Consequently, in order to maintain financial stability and public confidence, deposit insurance has emerged and become significantly important for the financial system as it is a part of the financial safety net. Nowadays, more than one hundred countries have installed deposit insurance systems, while, many countries gained experiences from the recent global financial crises and realised the importance of having an effective deposit insurance system. In particular, building an effective deposit insurance system has increasingly drawn the attention from many international financial organizations at international level and a consensus of good practices and reforms of deposit insurance has been gradually reached.

Indeed, as a progressive result of banking reform in terms of market-oriented banking system and interest rate liberalisation, it is needless to say that deposit insurance scheme is needed for current China financial market in achieve economic growth and feasible reform. However, there is little official documentation on the governance and mandates of Chinese deposit insurer, thus mandates and operation mechanism of Financial Stability Bureau in deposit insurance are unclear. In academia, despite many articles analysing the deposit insurance, only a few researchers talk about Chinese deposit insurance system. 

All in all, compared with experienced deposit insurance system in the US and the UK, deposit insurance system in China is totally new and different, which is still under the test; additionally, the ultimate goal of China’s banking reform is the market orientation and liberalisation of interest rate, such as the transition from state-owned to privatised and modern banks. Therefore, with the deepening of economic reform, institutional design of deposit insurance should find out the special resolution to cope with the special situations in China’s banking system and should carefully consider the political, economic and cultural specifics of China. Simultaneously, applicable experiences and methods from the US and UK, especially those with an advanced banking market, should be adopted.