Amrisha Pandey

Amrisha Pandey



I am a lawyer specialized in International Environmental Law.

I have a graduate degree in Law from India, and have done my LLM in International Environment Law from the University of Nottingham. I was involved in Civil, Criminal and Environmental litigation back in India.

What motivated me to undertake PhD study?

Freshwater crisis of 21st century encouraged me to undertake this research.

What makes me passionate about my subject?

Unique status of water as a ' Natural Resource': Vital and Un-substitutable.

What are my plans once I have completed my PhD?

To work towards realization of 'Human Right to Water' and to contribute with the legal basic framework to the legislature for legislating National Comprehensive Freshwater Management Statute in India. Mainly emphasizing on the ecological aspect of the resource, additionally would like to work towards fulfilling the legal voids towards realization and recognition of Right to Water.

Research interests

This research is about progressive development of Right to Water. This will mainly focus on the development of ‘Right to Water’ in terms of law and policy in India, under the shadow of international development of watercourse law. Moreover it would try an attempt to clarify the basic principles and theories revolving right to water and would further analyse the loop-holes in the legal system dealing with the resource, with an intent towards filling them with sound legal proof.

The legal statutes within the country dealing with the resource: international legal developments in the field of watercourse law: and the doctrines regulating the use and management of water resource, will be analysed. Whereas, overarching impacts of aforementioned laws and principles will be considered in detail, in order to analyse what is best suited for India, as well as to negate the possible impacts arising therefrom.

This research aims to evolve as the sound legal base for the comprehensive legal statute for the country, with two manifold objectives:

  1. Towards achievement of uniform principles of law for the management of freshwater resource within the country 
  2. Towards realization of basic 'Human Right to Water' for all.