Scott Marsden



BA (HONS): Manchester Metropolitan University.

MA: Lancaster University.

What motivated me to undertake PhD study?

The majority of the research that has been undertaken into the temperance movement in the military has been concerned primarily with the medals awarded by the various societies. This I think means that the subject is still a neglected one with regards to the wider subject of the nineteenth century temperance movement. By studying the subject it would allow it to be seen what impact alcohol consumption had on Britain's capabilities to fight wars and maintain its Empire. With the concerns for the fitness of recruits to the army during the time of the Crimean war it would be part of the research to try to identify if a working class heavy drinking culture contributed towards the unfitness of some new recruits.

What are my plans once I have completed my PhD?

The aim of any research project that I would undertake would be to disseminate my research findings to the general public either by making use of the internet by creating a website based upon the military temperance societies, or organising a small exhibition in a local military or army museum that will be open to the public.

Research interests

The main areas of my research interests are alcohol and temperance in modern history. After studying the subject of the nineteenth century temperance movement for both my undergraduate and Masters degrees a subject that often caught my attention was the temperance movement in the armed forces. With the continuing concern for the impact alcohol is having in our own times with regards to crime levels, health and anti-social behaviour, it struck me as to what effect alcohol consumption would have in a disciplined environment such as the army?